Chilled Semen Shipment

The stud dog is collected, the sample is cooled down and extender is added to the sample. This sample will be analyzed using SpermVision for concentration, motility and morphology, and a report will be produced. We can ship these chilled samples overnight using FedEx Express and a tracking number can be supplied so the owner of the bitch can determine the arrival of the shipped semen. While fresh semen will generally live up to 4 days once inside the bitch, chilled semen will live approximately 24-48 hours inside the bitch.

Types of Semen :

  1. Fresh- stud dog is present
  2. Chilled- semen is collected elsewhere, cooled down and stored
  3. Frozen- semen has been collected, frozen and stored

Methods of Insemination : Some methods work better with certain types of semen than others


  1. Vaginal AI (MAVIC) : Semen is inserted vaginally using a catheter with a balloon that inflates. This balloon simulates what would be the “natural tie” in natural dog breedings. This is beneficial because it causes uterine contractions which pushes the semen to the oviducts and prevents backflow. The semen is deposited near the cervix. This method is not recommended with frozen semen.
  2. Transcervical Insemination(TCI) : Semen is inserted vaginally using a TCI scope that delivers the semen directly through the cervix into the uterus. This method can be used with fresh,chilled or frozen semen.
  3. Surgical Insemination : For this method, anesthesia is required so that an abdominal incision can be made and semen is deposited into both uterine horns. This method can be used for all types of semen, and is recommended when using frozen semen, semen with unknown quality, and for females who have been previously infertile. Progesterone timing is very important with this type of insemination to ensure the success of a breeding, and to maximize conception and litter sizes.