Stud dog collected, semen cooled down, extender added and shipped overnight. Fresh semen will generally live for up to 4 days once it goes into the bitch.

With chilled semen you need to figure that the semen will live from 24 to 48 hours once it goes into the bitch.

Several things to take into account when thinking of using chilled semen:

  • Where is the stud dog located? Is he somewhere that the owner/handler will be able to collect and ship the semen?
  • Does the stud owner have the needed supplies to collect, extend and ship the semen? Chilled semen needs to be shipped in insulated boxes such as ICSB Puppy Paks or Fresh Express Packs. The semen also must be mixed with a semen extender in order to keep it alive. You can order shipping kits and extender directly from us. Print a Puppy Pak Order Form from the Forms & Links page and forward it to us so that we can ship the supplies in plenty of time.
  • Which method of insemination do you want to use? Chilled semen can be inseminated via Vaginal AI, TCI or Surgical.
  • How many times do you want to inseminate the bitch? Many people opt for 2 inseminations due to the shortened life of the semen once it is in the bitch. If planning to do more than one insemination, you will need to make arrangements for the additional collections/shipments of the semen. The second insemination is generally performed 24 to 48 hours after the first one depending on progesterone levels.
  • Are you prepared to “go the extra mile” if semen is needed on a weekend or holiday? Mother Nature sometimes throws you a curve ball and the semen is needed on a weekend or holiday. You need to be prepared for counter-to-counter shipments in order to get the semen. You need to be a “known shipper” with the airlines in order to send packages counter-to-counter. Many times you will need to locate and utilize a courier service in order to get the semen when it is needed.
  • Do you have a back up plan in case you can’t get the semen when needed?
  • Are you able to get laboratory progesterone test results? In-house testing kits can be unreliable. You want test results with a number value. It is very important with chilled semen to inseminate the bitch at the proper time in her cycle as the semen only will live 24 to 48 hours in the bitch once it is inseminated.