Thyroid / CBC Blood Testing


Thyroid (T4) Testing

At All Pets Vet Hospital we have many state-of-the-art machines for in-house blood testing for your dog. AKC testing for some breeds requires a thyroid blood test. Before breeding, a thyroid test can be done to evaluate your dog’s metabolism. The thyroid gland also functions to control growth and development for your dog. This blood test can diagnose whether the thyroid is producing the right amount of hormones, breaking down proteins, fats and carbs. Thyroid function is not only important for your dog’s health, but for supporting pregnancy and proper growth of the puppies while in utero, and we can have the results in just under twenty minutes!

CBC/CBC profile blood work

A CBC blood test detects the number of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. This test can show us things like whether your pet is anemic, dehydrated or has an infection.

A chemistry profile evaluates other components of the blood that are produced by internal organs. This test detects any abnormalities of these agents in the blood and can tell us how well your dog’s organs are functioning. Both of these blood tests can be run separately or together with our in-house machines. It is not only important to make sure your dog is healthy and disease-free but that she is capable of withstanding the biological strains of pregnancy.