Freezing and Storing Semen

The ICSB procedure is based on more than 30 years of research. ICSB frozen semen is pelleted semen as opposed to straw semen. It is stored in breeding units also know as vials. ICSB has produced more than 5000 puppies around the world from the use of frozen semen with a success rate of nearly 86%! Puppies have been successfully produced from semen stored for more than 30 years. The processes used by ICSB is recognized and approved by multiple registries including the American Kennel Club, American Field and the National Greyhound Association.

Consider the following when deciding if you should collect and store semen and how much you should keep:

  • How much demand is there for your stud dog?
  • Is your stud on the road for shows or leaving the country?
  • Is your stud nearing the end of his reproductive prime?
  • Is there a history of sudden infertility in the line?
  • Is stored semen a good “insurance” option in the event of an unexpected loss of your stud?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then there is a good probability that freezing and storing your stud dogs’ semen is a good option for you.

Freeze Process

  • The entire process including collection and freezing takes approximately 1 hour to complete
  • The stud dog and owner need only be present for the collection and initial semen evaluation-- Approximately 20 minutes!
  • A semen evaluation is performed prior to beginning the freeze process

The semen evaluation tells us about the quality of the semen and the number of vials that you could potentially get.

The number of vials that a stud can produce will vary, but on average a normal healthy stud dog can produce 4 to 8 breeding units from a single collection. That number of vials would equal 2 to 8 breedings depending on the method of insemination. The number of breeding units to keep and store is a matter of personal choice and there in no obligation to keep more than the base freeze of 4 breeding units

After the freeze process is complete, we thaw one pellet of semen and do a post freeze evaluation. We are checking for motility and if the semen survived the freeze process. Based on this evaluation, we are able to get the actual number of vials/breeding units that we can get. We then discuss the results with you and you let us know how many you want to keep and store. Keep in mind that once we report the number of vials to AKC that is it. You can’t then decide later that you want to keep the other vials too. You may only use one breeding unit to breed one bitch. It can not be split and part used one time and the rest used another.

We will provide you with a Post Freeze Information Packet. This packet will contain a Post Freeze & Shipment Evaluation Form that tells you what the semen looked like before we froze it, what it looked like after we froze it and how much semen you chose to keep and store. Other items included in the packet are a Fee Schedule for Semen ReleaseProcedures for Utilizing Your Semen Flyer and some blank Authorization to Release Frozen Semen Forms. You can also find these forms and flyers on the FORMS & LINKS .

Your frozen semen is stored on the premises of the All Pets Vet Hospital in Branchburg, NJ in liquid nitrogen storage tanks.

The American Kennel Club does require that any dog frozen after October 1, 1998 must have a DNA profile on record with them. We have the DNA collection kits and can do the cheek cell collection at the time of your appointment. The cost for the DNA profile is currently $50.00 that is payable directly to AKC. We do not charge anything to do the collection for you.


Base Price $ 365.00

File Setup $ 55.00

- file set up and reporting to registry

Semen Storage $ 100.00

-annual storage fee for up to 25 vials

Semen Collection, Evaluation & Freezing $ 400.00

- for the first 4 vials/breeding units collected

- additional vials/breeding units over 5 are $ 60.00 each

Additional Collection on same dog $ 300.00

- for the first 4 vials/breeding units collected

- additional vials/breeding units

over 4 are $ 60.00 each

You can print a more detailed Fee Schedule for Freezing Semen on the FORMS & LINKS .

All prices quoted are current as of 3/1/2018 and subject to change at any time.

Call our office at 908-707-1555 to schedule an appointment

We do semen freezing Monday thru Friday in the afternoons.

The collection process is made easier by having a bitch in season present at the collection. We do not always have access to a bitch in season at our office so you might wish to consider making your appointment when you have access to a bitch that you can bring with you. Please feel free to check with us to see if we have access to a bitch in season. We do have scent pads available if we don’t have access to a bitch in season.